It was exhausting, but we’re really strong.

A really nice end of April 2016 and an exciting start of May 2016. It was a badly busy month because weather changed to hot and i couldn’t manage to start working on Fiverr yet. Titled this post with “It was exhausting, but we’re really strong.” because i liked it. This line was used in a blog post by Fiverr team when they announced “The Fiverr Notifications Redesign is Here”. Its true that the things are not that simple, even you are a big company. For better user experience, you have to ponder and shape the dream into beautiful reality. They did it and said “we’re really strong”, lol. Here is a video to check their effort quickly.

Although i am not much happy while using Google Chrome because even i click on my mouse scroll button but still it opens the link within parent window. Maybe its browser specific issue but its annoy at least. A lot of people are getting in love with Fiverr in these days and attending Free sessions and workshops to understand Fiverr. For them, i am stealing a few headlines from a good blog post here, details can be checked on the following link below.

Tip #1: Partner With Like-Minded Businesses

Tip #2: Strengthen Your Brand Impression

Tip #3: Create Original Content

Tip #4: Share Relevant Content

Tip #5: Strengthen Your Website Quality

Tip #6: Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Tip #7: Get More Involved Within Your Community

Tip #8: Know Your Customers Better

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May 2016 started simultaneously awesome for WordPress beginners and Professionals too. WordPress Mechanic finally published a blog post about secret ingredient of WordPress. A nice post and worth reading, the secret ingredient of WordPress. Amazingly, another initiative taken from team to gather all the blogs at one place. Its really first time that someone did this by using API and a little knowledge of regular expressions in PHP. Blog Magazine will definitely help a lot of bloggers in future to create a bigger magazine with the upcoming plugin of WordPress Mechanic, i am not sure about the name but it should be wp-blogs 🙂 a suitable one. Weather is hot all over the Asia especially but still a number of quality events and workshops are on the go. A recent announcement by a freelancing mentor Mr. Kamran Shafi to join him in 20 minutes skype session online for all kind of problems you wanna discuss with him. Meet Kamran Online is good hope for those who really wanna understand business, branding, freelancing, product development and above all business communication and strategy. Routine WordPress  events are in progress too through WordPressPK. People are expecting Mr. Kamran Shafi (Freelancing Mentor & WordPress Guru) on stage as a speaker this time but lets see if will be able to manage his time to come. Another progress in WordPress Mechanic plugins list is, he is not pushing more plugins to WordPress directory but this time he is simply upgrading his existing widgets and plugins. I am not sure that is his plan but what i see, he is simply working on aesthetics this time. Like the following plugin WP eCommerce Wishlist. Initially this plugin was published with simple ajax based add to wishlist feature and a remove icon. But now you can apply themes, unfortunately these are premium ones yet. I think, this feature should be given as Free initially :), just kidding.

WP eCommerce Wishlist

Another plugin by WordPress Mechanic WP Responsive Tabs recently updated and an awesome feature is introduced that this plugin is now compatible with all kind of shortcodes. As default, WP eCommerce & WooCommerce shortcodes are given as example. It would be a useful thing that you can add many useful features within responsive tabs without pain. I want to conclude my post here with the a few latest updates from ending of April 2016 to Starting of May 2016. For more updates, i would just you to like this page. I will start pushing updates there soon.


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